June 30 2013  Trans Siberian Railway  Russia Train No.1        September 5 2013  Amtrak  California Zephyr Train No.5

Around The World in 80 days by Railways  June 24 2013 to September 11 2013 

Railways  Trans Siberian Railway  Russia  Train No.1  Vladivostok to Moscow  Timetable

Sapsan  Train No.158                      Moscow to Saint Petersburg  

Russian Railways  Train No.49           Saint Petersburg to Warsaw  

Berlin Warsaw Express  Train No.EC44              Warsaw to Berlin  

Inter City Express  Train No.ICE279                Berlin to Frankfurt 

Inter City Express  Train No.ICE9554               Frankfurt to Paris 

Eurostar  Train No.ES9037                                Paris to London 

              Amtrak  Lake Shore Limited   Train No.49      New York to Chicago  Timetable

              Amtrak  California Zephyr  Train No.5     Chicago to San Francisco  Timetable

Airlines  Aeroflot Russian Airlines  SU4665  A320        Narita to Vladivostok            

American Airlines  AA107  B777                    London to New York

Japan Airlines  JL1  B787                      San Francisco to Haneda

Vladivostok     Moscow     Saint Petersburg

Warsaw     Berlin     Paris     London       

New York     Chicago     San Francisco        

Railways 20,000km  Airlines 15,000km  Total 35,000km

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